Capture your next best customer  
on autopilot

Loyee  instantly qualifies your leads and finds the diamonds in the rough to ensure your sales team is on track to surpass their targets

Remove the noise

Loyee automatically qualifies your leads and filters out the spam as well as low quality leads, ensuring your reps are never wasting their time and effort on the deals that won’t close.

Route to the right rep

Loyee instantly routes each qualified lead to the best matching rep, ensuring quick engagement before hot leads go cold and revenue falls through the cracks.

Prioritize the winners

Loyee optimizes your sales teams’ efforts by nudging reps to the next winning deal, showing them why they should engage, and suggesting how best to engage.

Move the needle


Faster action


Meetings booked


Qualified leads

“Loyee helps my sales reps prioritize where to spend their time and nudges them into the right actions, saving me 8 hours per week digging for data.”

Mallorie Maranda

VP of Sales

“The hacks were on point and easy to implement. Since I started with Loyee, I am reflecting on my actions more than before, and can save time and energy.”

Verene Hinreiner

Functional Expert

“Loyee gave us insights and decision-making confidence to enable significant growth. This way, Loyee helped us to increase customer orders (15%).”

Robert Krejci

Head of Bid Management

​​" makes sure all my reps are kept accountable and hit their weekly targets - so I don’t need to micromanage and can focus on mentoring.”

Daniel Haberern

Sales Development Manager

Your questions, answered.

What’s required to get started?

All you need is a CRM (Salesforce / Hubspot). Ideally you use outreach tools like Outreach or Salesloft. Just connect your sales stack to the Loyee platform and let the magic happen.

Can SDRs and AEs use the tool?

Yes.  Both SDRs and AEs can benefit from using in order to better qualify, understand, and prioritize their leads.

Do you use AI?

Yes. We leverage LLMs and NLP as well as advanced Machine Learning models in order to provide accurate and unique insights.

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